Low Participation Threatens Rate Study Outcome

July 19, 2018

Providers have just two more weeks to complete the provider survey for the ongoing rate study, and the latest numbers from DDS are cause for concern. As of yesterday, only 200 or so providers have completed the survey, representing 2.7 percent of DDS expenditures. Burns & Associates, the contractor completing the rate study, is hoping to receive surveys from providers representing 40 percent of DDS expenditures in order to adequately assess the current rate system, so we have a long way to go. We continue to ask all CDSA members to complete the survey so that we have the best data possible for the rate study.

Link to DDS page on rate study:


Link to provider survey and instructions:


Use the link below to see a slide show with narration on the rate study that succinctly explains its objectives and how to go about completing it.  This presentation was developed by Will Sanford and Futures Explored.


Please share this with other networks that you’re in and encourage all providers to follow the link below to see a 16-minute presentation that succinctly covers what they need to know.

Remember, the survey is due by August 3.

Thank you for those of you who have already completed the survey and those of you that are working to encourage other providers to do so.