Submit Your Provider Surveys This Week!


Providers only have until Friday, August 3 to complete the provider survey for the ongoing rate study, and the latest numbers from DDS are still greatly concerning. At this point, DDS has only received surveys from providers representing slightly more than 5 percent of DDS expenditures. Burns & Associates, the contractor completing the rate study, is hoping to receive surveys from providers representing 40 percent of DDS expenditures in order to adequately assess the current rate system, so it’s critical that we have a strong finish to the survey period. We continue to ask all service providers to complete the survey so that we have the best data possible for the rate study.

Link to DDS page on rate study:

Link to provider survey and instructions:

Use the link below to see a slide show with narration on the rate study that succinctly explains its objectives and how to go about completing it.  This presentation was developed by Will Sanford and Futures Explored.

Please share this with other networks that you’re in and encourage all providers to follow the link below to see a 16-minute presentation that succinctly covers what they need to know.

Remember, the survey is due by Friday, August 3.

Thank you for those of you who have already completed the survey and those of you that are working to encourage other providers to do so.



Make Your Voice Heard to Oppose Workers’ Comp Increases!


The public comment period for proposed restructuring of the 8868 and 9101 Classification Codes ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 3. CDSA is submitting our letter of opposition to the proposal, and we have created a sample opposition letter that your organization can modify and submit to the Insurance Commissioner, which can be accessed here.

For those in Northern California, a public hearing will be held in San Francisco on August 3 at 10:00 a.m., during which you could provide your comments verbally. The notice of the public hearing can be accessed by clicking here.

Read below for more information about the proposed changes:

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) proposal to restructure its employment classifications may increase workers’ compensation insurance for developmental disability service providers as much as two- or three-fold. The proposal will move employees in Classifications 8868, Colleges or Schools – private – academic professionals, and 9101, Colleges or Schools – private and put them into two new categories:

  • 8873, Training or Day Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • 8874, Special Educational Services for Children or Youth – N.O.C.

This change would occur in January 2019.

Recognizing the expected huge increases, WCIRB proposes to “limit the impact” of the annual change by a 25% maximum increase, although it’s unclear whether that’s the increase of the base rate or the premium. They also note that the base rates for these categories will be higher, but the mod rate will be lower for many providers, since the comparison will be only with employers providing similar services.

The Insurance Commissioner is accepting public comments about the proposed changes through Friday, August 3. 

The recommendations affecting CDSA members are part of an 82-page analysis of 8868 that will create several additional new categories. WCIRB has done its homework and lays out a clear analysis for each of the new categories it recommends. Based on the facts of the analysis, there isn’t argument to keep direct support professionals in 8868. The argument to stop this reclassification lies purely on the detrimental impact it will have on already struggling providers.

The report can be accessed here.