Provider and DSP Surveys Needed for 8% Budget Ask!

This year, we are pursuing an 8% across-the-board rate increase for providers as a down payment that will allow organizations that support individuals to continue providing quality services and to hire and retain staff while the Legislature considers a study and proposal for rate reform due in March 2019. You are all a critical part of this campaign and its success will depend on you doing three things: 1) Provide data and stories; 2) Connect with your legislators; and 3) Activate your clients, families, and staff for grassroots advocacy.




In an effort to have data to support the ask, WE NEED AS MANY PROVIDERS AS POSSIBLE to fill out the survey linked below, which asks for information on program closures, waiting lists, turnover rates, and more. The survey shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete, and is absolutely critical to our efforts this year. Please distribute to any providers in your networks and strongly encourage their participation, as well.

It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to get a significant number of responses, so PLEASE take the time to complete the survey ASAP and no later than January 7th.



Please have your direct support professionals (DSPs) complete the survey below.  We want all types of direct support staff, including respite, ILS, SLS, transportation, etc., to complete the survey, but please omit administrative staff.

This information will help the legislature understand the profile of our workforce, which will be critically important in our ask for higher rates.  I trust you know best how to ask and motivate your DSPs to complete the survey, but if you make it clear that this will help us argue for higher wages then hopefully that will result in a good response rate.  Also, make it clear that this is an anonymous survey.

The deadline to complete the survey is end-of-day Monday, January 7th. If you are going to print out the survey instead of the online survey then please collect the surveys and mail (or scan and email) them to our office on Tuesday, January 8th.  We will present the data in Capitol meetings starting Monday, January 14th.