DDS Rate Study is Published – Calls for 40.8% Increase in Funding

On Friday, March 15, DDS sent an email announcing that it submitted the rate study to the Legislature earlier today. The link to the report has just gone active. The Fiscal Impact Analysis indicates a 40.8% overall increase in funding. The full report can be found at the following link:


You can view the Fiscal Impact Analysis at the following link, with projected increases and decreases by service code:


Here’s the email from the California Department of Developmental Services:


Dear Colleagues,

Today the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) submitted the rate study on the provision of community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities (available online here later today) to the California Legislature.

The rate study includes four parts:

·     Part 1 summarizes the various methodologies for establishing rates for home and community-based services and outlines current rates and methodologies in California.

·     Part 2 provides an overview of the study, including the project’s timeline, principles adopted to guide the study, and data sources used to inform rates.

·     Part 3 covers the major components of the rate models, including direct care worker wages, benefits and productivity, indirect costs such as program operations and provider administrative costs, and adjustments to account for regional cost differences.

·     Part 4 provides a summary of the rate study results.

We welcome you to submit public comments on the rate study through April 5, 2019. Comments should be specific and include substantive feedback, such as services identified as missed in development of the rate models or mischaracterized services.

To help streamline the public comment process, Regional Centers, Vendor Advisory Committees and several provider and advocacy organizations will collect input from vendors, families, consumers and other interested parties. These designees will summarize and submit the comments to Burns & Associates, the health care consulting firm that conducted the rate study.

·     The instructions and template for submitting public comments can be found here.

·     The list of designees accepting public comments is available on the DDS website here.

We appreciate your continued collaboration and input on the rate study process.