Keep Up the Pressure!

May 20, 2019

First, thank you to everyone for your tireless advocacy this year. As you saw in Senate Sub3 last week, it’s making a difference! Though the outcome in the Senate was a great start, we still have an uphill battle to make sure we see meaningful relief from this year’s Budget negotiations. The next step will occur tomorrow, when Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 will meet to vote out open issues in the DD Budget around 2 p.m.

We do not yet know what will be on the agenda, but NOW is the time to reach out to members of the Subcommittee to let them know you want them to mirror the actions taken last week in Senate Sub3. Here were the outcomes of last week’s hearing:

  • Provider Rate Adjustment: Reject sunset date and make ongoing. Additionally, provide an 8% increase for providers not included in the Governor’s May Revision proposal AND provide an 8% increase for those providers included in the Governor’s May Revision proposal that would have seen an increase of less than 8%.

If you are a constituent of any of the Assembly Members listed below, please call their offices today or tomorrow morning to encourage them to support an action for at least an 8% provider rate increase for all providers, in addition to the targeted investments proposed by the Governor in his May Revise Budget. You can also ask your staff, consumers, and family members to call.

Assembly Member Eloise Gomes Reyes (Acting Chair) – (916) 319-2047

Assembly Member Jim Frazier – (916) 319-2011

Assembly Member Devon Mathis – (916) 319-2026

Assembly Member Jim Patterson – (916) 319-2023

Assembly Member James Ramos – (916) 319-2040

Assembly Member Blanca Rubio – (916) 319-2048

Assembly Member Jim Wood – (916) 319-2002

Here are the other items that passed out of Senate Sub3, which would repeal several recession-era cuts and start to address the local minimum wage problem for many providers:

  • Approve placeholder trailer bill language requiring the department to submit a plan for system-wide rate reform, considering the recommendations of the rate study and impending HCBS final rules, with stakeholder input, by January 10, 2020, with a planned beginning implementation date no later than January 2021.Repeal the half-day billing policy.
  • Approve placeholder trailer bill language that would allow vendors in areas where the local minimum wage is higher than the state minimum wage access to rate adjustments associated with state minimum wage increases.
  • Permanently repeal the Uniform Holiday Schedule.
  • Restore social recreation and camp services. Adopt placeholder trailer bill language to implement this change.

You can find a link to watch the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 hearing live tomorrow at the following link: