Call Now ! ! !

May 21, 2019

The agenda for today’s Assembly Subcommittee #1 hearing is out, and it does NOT include the 8% down-payment we’ve been pushing. Instead, it proposes to take the money the Governor has proposed for targeted increases and would instead use those funds as an across-the-board rate increase. This funding is only around 65% of what we’ve been asking for, and is not adequate to keep up with the increased costs to provide services. The rate study shows that we are woefully underfunded ($1.8B!) and we need to push on all the members of the Subcommittee to make a motion and vote to increase the provider rates this year!

We have only a few hours to make a difference, so if you’re a constituent of any of the Subcommittee members, PLEASE call and let them know we need their support today!

The ASK: Make a motion or support a motion to reject the sunset date in the Governor’s May Revise proposal for providers’ rates, provide an 8% increase for providers not included in the Governor’s May Revision proposal AND provide an 8% increase for those providers included in the Governor’s May Revision proposal that would have seen an increase of less than 8%.


Who to call:

  • Assembly Member Eloise Gomes Reyes (Acting Chair) – (916) 319-2047
  • Assembly Member Jim Frazier – (916) 319-2011
  • Assembly Member Devon Mathis – (916) 319-2026
  • Assembly Member Jim Patterson – (916) 319-2023
  • Assembly Member James Ramos – (916) 319-2040
  • Assembly Member Blanca Rubio – (916) 319-2048
  • Assembly Member Jim Wood – (916) 319-2002