Call the Governor to Keep the 8% Rate Increase Alive!


June 4, 2019

The Budget Conference Committee met last night to discuss the various proposals to fund provider rate increases, and we saw tremendous support from the Legislature to make a significant investment this year. However, the Administration seems committed to its proposal to make targeted investments in a few services, while providing no relief to others (you can watch the hearing at this link starting at 3:40:00).

The final negotiations between Legislative leaders and the Governor will take place over the next two days, and we need to put as much pressure on the Governor and his Administration as possible.

We have developed an ad that will run in the Sacramento Bee tomorrow to pressure the Governor to adopt the broad rate relief contained in the Senate Budget plan (view the ad here).*

While we hope the ad moves the Governor, we know that we need every voice that cares about this issue to make themselves heard over the next two days. We’re in the final stretch, and we need EVERYONE to take action to give us the best chance for meaningful rate relief this year.

We need you to activate your clients, your staff, family members and your networks to call the Governor and urge him to support the proposal for an 8% rate increase in the Budget.

Call the Governor: (916) 445-2841 (press 1 for English, then 6 to speak to a representative)

You can use this script or some variation:

“Hello, I’m a Californian who cares about the services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The DDS rate study shows that services are underfunded by $1.8 billion. Programs are closing, and there are waiting lists for services because providers can’t pay wages that attract workers. These vital services need a big funding increase. I urge the Governor to agree to the Senate Budget plan. It includes an 8% across-the-board increase in provider rates. The 330,000 Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities need this investment to ensure services remain available as promised by the Lanterman Act.”

Here’s the script in a document for easier sharing.