work crewOur vision is to significantly increase the employment of people with developmental or intellectual disabilities.  Employment opportunities should only be limited by our clients’ goals and their capabilities.  Our mission is to assist service providers’ clients in locating and securing employment with state departments and private industry in California.

Our First Priority – The success of the employer’s business

Progressive companies recognize the benefits of employing a diverse workforce.

  • Their people are able to focus on their core competencies
  • Their operations demonstrate increased creativity
  • Their operations demonstrate increased productivity
  • Their employee satisfaction increases
  • Their operating costs are lower
  • Their team brings better products and services to market – faster
  • Their customers’ satisfaction is higher
  • Their profits increase

We will do the work for the employers . . .

  • We bring their vision, culture, values, and environment into the employee acquisition process
  • We bring well qualified potential employees to their door
  • We can provide their staff with disability awareness training
  • We monitor and report the work quality
  • We can adjust staffing levels to meet their business requirement
  • We can provide on-going management of their staffing needs for an inclusive workforce

Why California Employment Solutions?

Experience – The service providers have years of experience:

  • Working within large companies to meet and exceed their objectives
  • Focusing on our customers’ bottom line and contributing to the success of businesses
  • Providing employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Capacity – We have over 55 service provider members/partners throughout California, currently supporting more than:

  • 2,984 people placed into permanent positions in companies
  • 3,242 people performing contract work for hundreds of companies
  • 5,129 people creating products for companies

Immediate Savings – No new employee recruitment or applicant screening costs

No Risk – Employment is always “at will”