California Disabilities Services InstituteMission

The mission of the California Disability Services Institute is to educate the community and service providers to ensure effective services for persons with disabilities.


As the educational arm of the California Disability Services Association, the California Disability Services Institute, a 501(c) (3) organization, has two important educational missions:

  • To train the dedicated professionals who provide services to people with developmental disabilities.
  • To educate people with developmental disabilities and their families about the services they can receive and issues affecting those services.

Service Provider Support

Each year, the Institute organizes conferences and training events that help service providers improve the quality of services, ensure the safety of clients, learn about service innovations, and prepare for new state regulations or changes in service requirements.

Community Support

The community of persons with developmental disabilities, their families, employers, and friends all need to understand the services that are available because of the Lanterman Act and their rights to those services.

The Institute provides information on the processes and procedures under the Lanterman Act and how to access community-based services needed for loved ones.

In addition, the Institute provides advocacy tools and reports on activities by the state legislature that could affect service options, availability and costs of services.

The Institute provides information and resources via its Facebook page and educational seminars for providers, persons with developmental disabilities, and their families.

Additional Information

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