Audit Committee

Huckleberry Cafe To Go The major duty of the Audit Committee is to oversee the audit of the association’s financial statement, which combines CDSA and the Institute.  It is charged with recommending an auditor to the Board, reviewing records and financial reports of the finance committee and Board, and monitoring other activity to ensure the integrity and sound management of the association.

Business Development Committee

The Committee has responsibility for exploring and developing revenue-generating programs for the ultimate benefit of people with disabilities.  Some of the programs created and supported by the committee are intended to provide employment for people with disabilities.  All programs developed by this Committee will also provide income to finance other activities that support CDSA’s mission, like legislative advocacy and training events.

Business Services Committee

The Committee is charged with monitoring issues pertaining to business operations and other non-developmental disabilities matters related to CDSA members.

Finance Committee

The duties of the Finance Committee are to monitor the financial activities of CDSA and its related organizations and advise staff in developing budgets.  The Committee will receive quarterly financial statements and share its observations and concerns with the executive director.

Membership Committee

The committee will help develop activities and materials for recruitment and retention of members.

Public Policy Committee

The Committee has responsibility for development of public policy, fiscal policy (including but not limited to rates), and programmatic issues that shape and drive the service system for people with developmental disabilities. It will oversee the association’s strategy regarding the state budget and legislation directly related to the cost of operating an agency’s programs. The committee will also be responsible for government affairs, DD system issues, and the review of legislation, including elements of the State Budget directly related to program design and function.

Public Policy Subcommittee on Employment

The Subcommittee has responsibility for developing a vision for the future of employment services in California.  The objective is to develop strategies and service directions that will increase the level of employment options for persons with developmental disabilities, achieve community integration, and be economically viable.

Public Policy Subcommittee on Legislation

The Subcommittee has responsibility for:

  • Soliciting recommendations for legislation from members and working with CDSA’s staff and lobbyist to ensure development of bills.
  • Monitoring all legislation that might have an impact on CDSA members and the disability services industry and recommending positions for CDSA.
  • Recommending advocacy activities on legislation when needed.

Public Policy Subcommittee on the State Budget

The Subcommittee has responsibility for:

  • Analyzing the proposed state budget and trailer bill language to define its impact on the disability services industry and CDSA members.
  • Recommending association stances on budget issues and trailer bill language.
  • Recommending advocacy activities on budget issues when needed.

Public Relations Committee

The committee will help develop and coordinate the public image and awareness of CDSA and the disability services industry.