For questions on the application, or to request more information about how CDSA can help your organization, call or email Jim Scott, Membership Manager, at 916-441-5844 ext.110.


The California Disability Services Association delivers…


  • strong Lobbying & Advocacy – CDSA employs two reputable and knowledgeable lobbyists who effectively present your concerns and goals to California legislators and regulators…CDSA acts as your eyes, ears, and collective voice in Sacramento

  • vital Education & Training – CDSA offers workshops, seminars, and webinars on topics related to your programs, your business, and the people you serve

  • informative Publications & Communications – CDSA provides regular industry  and membership updates through newsletters, legislative status briefs, annual reports, electronic communications, online forums, and more

  • a dynamically edifying Web Site – is your source for critical and up-to-date industry information and is your portal to industry peers

  • valuable Business Support & Discounts – CDSA provides tips on innovative business practices and discounts on such things as Worker’s Comp insurance

  • a wide array of  Networking Opportunities – CDSA fosters the development of your professional relationships through meetings, committees, private online conversations, and topical forums

  • state and local Employment Contract Procurement Services – CDSA helps you secure competitive and “set-aside” employment contracts for Californians with disabilities through our state-use CARI program

  • free professional and technical Consultation with CDSA Staff Experts – CDSA invites you to call us with any questions related to the rehabilitation industry, your programs, or your business; we provide timely answers, backed by research

  • affordable Educational Offerings - The California Disability Services Institute offers a series of seminars designed to provide professional development for today’s managers in the rehabilitation industry


And because….we truly care about the People you serve and support and their quality of life.