Message from Executive Director Chris Rice

Your membership in CDSA is critical to CDSA’s success.

Every year, disability service providers face challenges, and every time CDSA steps up to champion their issues.  CDSA works in public hearings and out of the public eye to ensure pressure continues for adequate funding of services, a fair new rate structure, clarity and coherent interpretation of the HCBS settings rule and WIOA, protection of choice, preservation of options, flexibility in developing new programs, and keeping the assets of closing developmental centers in the system.

We continue to participate in the Disability Services Task Force, the DDS Advisory Group for the HCBS Transition Plan, and the Rate Study Group.  We are tracking DDS grants programs and incentive programs, the Self-Determination Waiver, and the confused interplay between the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and the HCBS Settings Rule.

We continued our collaboration with 20 other organizations on the Lanterman Coalition, meet regularly with the Association of Regional Center Agencies, and coordinate our lobbying efforts with the Arc of California, California Supported Living Network, California Respite Association, and many others.

For providers, the policy discussion in Sacramento is always a three-ring circus.  That’s why you need to be fully informed, and we need your voice.  Don’t be left out of the conversation about what’s happening and how to anticipate changes in your services! 

Your membership in CDSA will make a difference! 

We have the power to move our agenda forward because of your membership—because of the powerful statistics our total membership presents.  CDSA speaks on behalf of 80 providers, with some 20,000 staff serving 52,000 clients.  Every member contributes to the weight of constituents we bring to discussions with legislators.

Join today.

Your dues ensure that we are working on your behalf and keeping you informed year ’round.  Your dues fund the delivery of our messages through CDSA Government Affairs Directors Barry Jardini and Sue North, as well as our team from Nielson Merksamer, James Gross and Missy Johnson.  Your dues support the communications system that produces charts and graphs on budgets, legislative updates, and newsletters.  We need your commitment for so CDSA can continue providing the advocacy, communications, and training you depend on.