You always have people working for you.

We update you so you can best navigate the tides of rules and requirements and take advantage of opportunities.  We share your issues with legislators, building the understanding needed to get committee votes for funding and new legislation.  We share your issues with administration and regional center officials to ensure proper implementation of laws and regulations.

You have multiple sources of useful information.

You can call or e-mail us with questions.  You’ll receive monthly newsletters and timely alerts and updates, and they provide multiple downloads for you to study.  The newsletter covers state and national policy, programs issues, labor law, and the current work of CDSA Committees.  The monthly Public Policy Committee call gives you another opportunity for a verbal update.

You connect to peers who share their ideas and solutions.

You’ll have access to the Listserv, which connects you to peers who daily address the same issues you do.  And there are opportunities to sit down with them at conferences and regional meetings.  And you can reach out to them by phone or e-mail as a fellow member of CDSA.

You and your staff have opportunities for interactive training.

At the CDSA Annual Meeting, the Regional Policy Conferences, and the Legislative Affairs Conference, you can learn more about policy concerns, program issues, and administrative conundrums.

You can get help on pursuing work contracts for your clients.

We help members secure contracts with state, city, and county agencies, as well as assisting with the employment of clients in private industry. We create and identify opportunities, and provide advice through the entire process.