• Succeeded in advocating closure of the remaining state Developmental Centers which today house 1000 residents at a cost in excess of $500,000 per year per person.
  • Succeeded in both houses of the legislature adopting policy in the budget process to assume continuing savings to the state from closure should be reinvested in the community.
  • Succeeded in securing budget language to require the administration to provide information about their next steps in opening the frozen rate system to modernization.
  • Succeeded in raising the priority consideration of the future of the community service system for those with developmental disabilities to a Top Priority in 2015-16 Special Session on Health and Developmental Services.
  • Sponsored and secured enactment of legislation to provide a path for consumers to state jobs by permitting internships to serve in lieu of a written examination in the state hiring process. This is the first time the State of California has allowed the hiring of a state employee without a written examination.
  • Documented $400 million in unacknowledged savings to state taxpayers over eight years as a result of successful movement of residents from the developmental centers to the community.
  • Documented financial shortfalls and consequences to state and regional center service rates, which are the direct consequence of the enactment of costly policies in local, state and federal government that drive costs from minimum wage, living wage ordinances, new required federal health benefits, sick leave, overtime and other government policies which drive service costs up without fully acknowledging or reimbursing those costs.
  • Worked in tandem with more than 20 organizations that represent the broad interests of everyone involved in the community service system in hearings, meetings, rallies, and marches to bring public attention to the needs of those with developmental disabilities and their families.