The mission of CDSA is to advocate for and strengthen member organizations and to ensure public and government support of services for people with IDD.


  • CDSA celebrates diversity and individual differences.
  • CDSA respects the right to personal dignity and decision making.
  • CDSA promotes ethical and compassionate practices.
  • CDSA exemplifies a passion for excellence.

The Lanterman Act, which promises Californians with IDD access to personalized services and supports, defines the values of the IDD service delivery system. Our members carry out that promise. CDSA is committed to ensuring that the system reflects those values.



People with IDD in California have the right to determine which services and supports they need to realize their life goals.


Creative and innovative service options offer new opportunities for community integration and require investment for quality and sustainability.

Dignity and Diversity

CDSA celebrates the dignity and diversity of the people served in our member programs.

Guaranteed Support

The Lanterman Act guarantees that individuals have a right to the services identified in their IPP.


Every Californian with a developmental disability has the right to community inclusion as a full and active participant.

Quality Services

Choice and opportunity only have meaning when there are an adequate number of quality services available in the community.

Quality Workforce

People with IDD deserve support from well-trained, competent and commensurately compensated professionals.

Responsive to Needs

Community services must be developed and sustained in response to needs and preferences expressed by those served and selected in collaboration with individuals and their planning teams.

Individually Tailored Services and Support

Each person’s choices, strengths, capabilities, lifestyle and cultural background are used to develop an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for services and supports.