When you join CDSA, your organization never has to face a challenge alone. You stay informed and connected to a network of experienced peers. As your voice in Sacramento, we advocate for your programs and get answers to your questions.



CDSA will be your advocate wherever decisions are made. As California’s largest and longest-running association of IDD providers, we bring your concerns to the attention of policymakers. We build the working relationships with legislators and state agencies to seek the information you need. You can focus on running your organization and serving your clients, knowing that CDSA is keeping an eye on every policy that could impact your programs. When the time comes for service providers to act on a pending bill or regulation, we give you everything you need to get engaged without disrupting your important work.


You have multiple sources of useful information. You can call or e-mail us with questions. You’ll receive alerts about news that could impact your programs and opportunities to take action. CDSA members and staff share resources for you to download, study, and apply in your programs. Every month, you receive a comprehensive update on relevant state and national policy, programs issues, labor law, and the work of CDSA Committees. Through participation in the Public Policy Committee, you can stay up-to-date on details about our government relations.

Multiple Sources of Information

Connect to Peers


You will be plugged into a network of professionals who share their ideas and solutions. With access to our listserv, you are only an email away from peers who daily address the same issues you do. Every year, you have multiple opportunities to connect with experts at conferences and regional meetings. When you reach out to CDSA about an issue, you will find someone who understands it from your perspective.


You and your staff have opportunities for interactive trainings designed specifically for IDD service providers. At the CDSA Annual Meeting, the Regional Policy Meeting, and the Legislative Affairs Conference, you can learn more about policy concerns, program issues, and administrative conundrums. You will also be aware of educational events or webinars offered by CDSA’s partner organizations.

Interactive Training